Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When it is time to go

I worked in Oakland Unified School District for 13 years and LOVED working with the kids.
I loved working with the amazing O High teachers. Go Wildcats!
We were like a family and we cared soooooo much about those kids and each other.
We had great kids who went to great schools and then we had great kids who were just trying to survive. I thought I would stay there forever. Doing more, helping more.

It was like being in a movie. You know like Lean on Me Just like that!

But then it turned into to more like Black Hawk Down,  and it was time to go.

So I thought I would do a post of examples of when it is TIME TO GO.
Go to another school!
Get the heck out of Dodge!

Some of the things I am listing happened at Oakland High and some at other schools.
But you will never know which. Unless you were there or unless it was on CNN.
Sadly it is all true.

1. When you are on the national news twice in one year. HERE and HERE, it is time to go.
2. When you have a whole staff meeting on "what not to say to the international media", it is time to go.
3. When you realize you can increase your salary by $25,000 by adding 20 min to your commute to another school, it is time to go.
4. When your principal rearranges all of teachers teaching all of the different elementary grades (K to 6th. 6th to 2nd, 4th to K, etc.) to show that they are in "control",  it is time to go.
5. When you principal encourages staff to go a workshop on "How to incorporate Islam into your public school classroom", it is time to go.
(That goes for any religion. But one person went out of morbid curiosity and brought back a packet on the writings of Osama Bin Ladin. No joke.)
6. When admin REGULARLY stands a teacher and a student in front of their classes  and says, "now let's hear both sides", it is time to go.
7. When gun goes off in class and it is one hour before security shows up, and two more hours before they call the police, it is time to go.
8. When admin informs your student committed armed robbery on a bus that morning and asks you to call the office secretly without the student knowing (how do you do THAT??), its time to go home sick and then, it's time to go.
9. When you are better than a drug dog at sniffing out weed in your classroom, it is time to go.
10. When your whole family is begging you to "please leave that crazy school", it is time to go.
11. When everyone else you know and love are leaving the school, which is like EVERYBODY, it is time to go.

I could go on ... .

Anytime you knew when it was time to go?

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