Wednesday, November 30, 2016

About Blogger - Student Portfolios

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What it is

To use Blogger for student portfolios
Student portfolios are useful for:
*parent teacher conferences
*showing student work samples at to teacher and students
*teacher resumes

Home Page


In my classroom
I use Blogger for student portfolios. There is one entry per month for 10 entries per year. The blog entries are projects at the end of units or journal entries.  I am also using Blogger for this blog, Here I Teach!

When it is better than paper
1.  Embed Google slides, videos, Prezi's and Voice Threads into Blogger. Blogger works with MANY other apps.
2. Students parents and teachers can have access to the work forever online.
3. Student work is easily organized using labels. Organize by date, or student, or project name. Each entry can have multiple labels.
4. Give feedback on large projects using the comment section.
5. Archive the phases of a project with photos and videos for assignment progress checkpoints.
6. Have the instructions and the student work all in in place.
7. Scroll quickly through a students entire portfolio or one project from every student.

Blogger Student Portfolio examples from my classroom

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