Tuesday, November 29, 2016

About Formative - Get live results!

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What it is
*A tool to view ALL student responses in real time
*A tool to grade and give feedback instantly

Students can type, show their work with drawings or submit images.
Frequent formal and informal checks for understanding guarantee student growth.
Know exactly what each student needs as they learn and take immediate actions.

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In my classroom
I use Formative for Do Nows in every class. I create one Do Now assignment each week and have a question for each day. I also use Formative for problems of the Day, problems of the week and quizzes. I write the do now on regular paper, take a photo and upload it. The students write directly on the uploaded photo. I add number lines, graph paper, photos, videos and other media as needed.

When it is better than paper
1. See immediately who has started the do now and what each student is writing on their do now.
2. After the do now, share student work anonymously or by using their name.
3. Determine a point value for each question, quickly score each do now and give feedback. It saves time when I can cut and paste the same feedback for common error!
4. End the Do Now when time is up without collecting papers. Turn "off" the do now and student can no longer submit answers!
5. Insert videos and other media
6. Students can and write in different colors in Formative and easily erase.
7. Some question types are automatically scored (true false, short answer, multiple choice)

Formative Library of Assignments

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